Look! I made this with Gleam ✨

Hello! I'm Giacomo 👋 I love functional programming and getting caught in rabbit holes; the thing I love most, though, is sharing what I learn with my friends — sorry guys for nagging you, you're the best for putting up with me!

What better way to pester even more people than setting up a personal blog? What gave me the push I needed to get started was an awesome programming language I ran into almost a year ago: Gleam.

When I start learning a new language, I usually try to pick up a small-ish project to help keep me motivated; the idea of writing a personal blog was already in the back of my mind, so when I approached Gleam I decided to write... you guessed it: a static site generator! Long story short, I never actually completed my side project but I fell in love with Gleam and its community and I decided to set up this blog to share my thoughts. I even ended up being part of the core team! I want to keep this short so that's going to be a story for another blog post.

If you're wondering, this blog is still written using Gleam; in the end I used a brilliant package called lustre, it's leagues better than anything I could have come up with on my own! Do check it out.

What really sealed the deal and made me stick around was the lovely and welcoming community that has formed around the language. People in the official Discord are incredibly nice: chatting with everyone always managed to lighten my mood even after the worst, most disheartening days at work. I've learnt loads of new things just by hanging around and it's just a pleasure to chat and share things with other gleamlins — yes, that's what I call other Gleam programmers.

That's all for now! A big thank you for reading my ramblings, I hope you'll be around for the next blog post!